About Us

Our mission was to find the best kebabs and master them


We Have Created a Healthy and Nutritionally Balanced Approach To Traditional Kebabs

Our kebabs are made from quality ingredients. We use lean succulent beef&turkey and pure chicken fillets. These meats are imported directly from Germany to maintain quality and consistency. We only use fresh vegetables that are delivered and prepared daily. Our bread is freshly prepared daily and that’s what sets us aside to produce the best quality food that we ourselves would be happy to consume.


Chicos is founded by Francisco Lopes, a champion jockey.

He traveled the world and has tried numerous exquisite restaurants but there was one dish he fell in love with, the German Doner. He moved to Germany in 1990 and was there until 1997 so for 7 years he had the pleasure to eat the dish often. Francisco then moved himself and his family to England and to his disappointment the Original German  Doner wasn’t available in the area and that’s what inspired him to create Chicos German Doner.


Delivery Express

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